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Riding Attire


Hunter Seat Equitation has always been conservative and when it comes to attire, we uphold those traditions.

Our suggestions for purchasing riding attire for lessons:

~Well fitted collared shirt. We love sun shirts

~Riding tights or breeches. Please avoid silicone grip full seat grip.

~ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet that must be worn around horses at all times. We HIGHLY recommend investing in a quality helmet like "Trauma Void", "IRH", "One K", or "Samshield" because you only have one brain. More concussions occur in Equine sports than hockey, football, and soccer combined. These helmets are also perfect for competition.

~Paddock boots and half chaps

We will guide you into show attire when the time comes


What else can I buy for my rider?

Once riders have advanced off the lunge line/round pen we recommend:

-Your own set of grooming tools
-Your own saddle pad(s)
-Your own flyspray (Mosquito Halt is GREAT!)
-Your own hoof oil and thrush treatment (durasole or thrush buster)

Some riders like to purchase their own saddles regardless of leasing one of our horses or just riding in the program. We support this but also ask that no saddle purchases are made without approval of your instructor. Not all saddles fit every rider or horse.
Please expect a minimum of $1,500.00 for appropriate quality. We usually have wonderful saddles on consignment right here at the farm!
Our head instructor is sponsored by French saddle company, CWD. They have new custom, certified used, new custom lease programs and great young rider program for kids under 12 for new custom.

Shopping List (All items can be found on or

13 and Under

~*Brown Paddock Boots
*Tan Show Jodphers
+~Schooling Riding Tights/Breeches (with belt loops)
*Brown Garter Straps
~Black or brown Half Chaps
~Polo or Sun Shirt
~*Black/Brown Belt
*White Long Sleeve Show Shirt
*Black/Navy Show Coat
*Hair Ribbons or Hair Nets(short hair only)
*+Black Riding Gloves
*+Matte Black/Black Horse Riding Helmet

14 and Up (unless competing in Pony Divisions)

~*Brown Paddock Boots
~Black/Brown Half Chaps
*Tan Show Jodphers or Breeches
~Brown Garter Straps (for Pony Divisions)

~Schooling Riding Tights/Breeches (with belt loops)
*Black Tall Field Boots(if showing outside any Pony Division)
~Polo/Sun Shirt
~*Black Belt
*White Long Sleeve Show Shirt
*Black/Navy/Dk Green Show Coat
*Hair Nets (Bows for Pony Divisions)
*+Black Riding Gloves
*+Matte Black/Black Horse Riding Helmet

+ highly encouraged
* for horse shows
~Needed for schooling/lessons


Consignment items for the budget conscious or fast growers! 

Ask us and we will help you find what you're looking for!


Most of the year it is hot and humid! 

Look for soft shell show coats, but not mesh.  For all clothing/equipment try to find performance fabrics with moisture-wicking capabilities & mesh ventilated areas.  

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