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Our Classes

At Grey Goose Farm we focus on fine-tuning skills for a competitive rider in the Hunter/Jumper show industry. 

We use a lot of Dressage in our foundation work and have a Dressage instructor for those who want to dive deeper into their understanding of Dressage. 

We have students who compete regularly, and students who fine-tune their skills but do not wish to compete. 

As horsemanship is a major focus of Grey Goose Farm, not all lessons will be on the back of the horse.  This is at the discretion of the instructor. 
Homework or suggested reading may also accompany these lessons to supplement the student’s experience.

Pre-School Pony Sessions

Studies show that horses improve cognitive function and can be very therapeutic.  Young children not quite ready for the intensity of lessons and those with special needs will enjoy a 1-on-1 session.  


Leadline/Riding Portion of Session:

A quick session that allows the child to have fun sitting on the back of a horse/pony.  Just sitting on the back of the horse will engage muscles throughout their body and can improve coordination & strength.


Hands-On Portion of Session:

A quick session that allows the child to groom/tack the pony  OR paint a pony and give it a bath.  This is great for the timid child that is not yet ready to ride.  


Beginner Program

Never touched a horse? Only done the occasional trail ride? This is the class for you!

Learn to catch, groom, and tack your assigned horse.    

Students must pass this class before joining the riding classes as the student will be expected to groom and tack up with minimal supervision once they start riding.

The instructor will decide when the student is ready to progress to riding lessons.

Pony Sessions are more suitable for smaller riders that will be unable to prepare their horse without assistance.

Additional equine topics that will expand the student's knowledge and understanding of their equine partner will also be discussed.

Once initial Horsemanship has been completed to instructors expectations, students start to learn to ride.

Approximate order of learning & progression:

Learn to mount, sit in the saddle, and hold the reins.

On the lunge line, students learn to stop, go, steer, and learn the basics of "pressure and release".

Improve strength/coordination while riding by learning about equitation and working to improve it.

Learning to hold jumping position, galloping position, post, and the concept of a diagonal at the walk.

Introduction to no stirrup work.

Introduction to trotting until well established with posting and diagonals.

Walk/Trot Group

Approximate order of learning & progression:

Continuation of trot work.

Improve equitation & strength/coordination while trotting during sitting, posting, and different 2-point positions while riding with other riders.

Introduce poles & patterns at the trot.

Expanding knowledge of aides to accomplish new movements 

Introduction to canter work is decided by instructors when riders show consistent improvement in position and posting trot without stirrups.

Walk/Trot/Canter Group

Approximate order of learning and progression:

Continuation of trot work and canter work.

Rider will develop a solid understanding of leads.

Improve equitation, strength, and coordination while cantering.

Learn new seats to prepare for over-fence work.

Aides and movements formerly done at the trot, now applied at the canter.

Introduction of simple lead changes & counter-canter.

Introduction of poles & patterns at the canter.


Intro to Over Fences

In this class, the student will continue their trot and canter work as we also introduce jumping exercises over low fences.


Development Over Fences

Students entering this class have shown consistency over low fence courses (cross-rails to 2') and are ready to move up to more intensive training over larger fences. When riders are ready to advance to jumping higher, an initial lease of a lesson horse is encouraged. Instructors can also guide in buying a horse or pony. 

****Please note. If you are in the program and purchase a horse without consent of your instructor, GGF will not accept the horse onto the property. Part of our commitment is ensuring safety of horse and rider. We are professionals and know the right questions to ask sellers. Young, fancy, inexpensive horses are discouraged unless it is in a consistent training program with our professionals to prepare for their rider****

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