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Lesson Program



Lesson tuition covers your weekly enrollment in your assigned lesson slot time. This guarantees your spot in your scheduled lesson. Tuition is based on yearly enrollment of 44 weeks and accounts for multiple missed days due to vacation, closed barn days, sick days, and emergency weather cancelations (at your instructor's discretion)

Lessons can be paid Ala Carte, but our instructors can not guarantee the lesson day and time will remain available, as tuition enrollment is given priority on our calendars. Credit cards for billing will still be required and individual lessons must be paid 1 week prior to lesson day.

Make up lessons are not guaranteed, even with 48 hour notice for tuition and ala carte lessons.


Potential students with previous riding experience (minimum walk, trot, canter) can schedule an evaluation to best determine where they will fit into our program. Evals are a 1-time $65 fee that is sent via Venmo to Deana. We will provide information on sending payments. Please read through our curriculum thoroughly. It is our baseline that is visible to everyone to create their own goals and answer the questions that start with "When will he/she be ready to ________?"

Please keep in mind that our teaching format is horsemanship based. Students must learn, over several lessons, how to groom and tack up their horses. 

We do encourage all of our students to aspire to competition, but will not push any individual to compete unless our coaches feel they are well prepared. Walk/Trot divisions are a great way to get each individual warmed up to what it feels like to compete in a lower stress, high fun atmosphere. We encourage a fun and relaxed environment to showing, but are classical sticklers when it comes to rider and horse appearance. We have a whole list below of "What to Wear", which includes competition gear.

Our billing and scheduling is through our Vagaro business site. In order to sign up and continue with lessons, billing information must be sent in order to create an account directly with us, not just Vagaro itself.

Only our instructors are able to book, cancel, and reschedule lessons.


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