Horse Shows 


We travel to competitions regularly from January to November.

End of the Year Awards Banquets are generally held in December for each association.

We attend horse shows locally, in-state, and regionally depending on the goals of our clientele.

We take part in recognized (higher level) and unrecognized (lower level) series hosted by varying associations.

Grey Goose Farm Fees


Horse Show Association Fees


Grey Goose Farm Fees:


(unless approved to do on your own you will be charged the following fees)

Mane Pulling $15

Bathing $20

Small Area Clipping $25

Body Clipping $175

Show Day Prep Package $50


We haul in our high-class 6 horse trailer. 

We also have additional trailers available and can assist you in your other transportation needs. 

Visit our Transportation page for more information.


Clay County Fairgrounds $40

Grand Oaks $200

Silver Sands $140

Other Locations $1 per mile

Additional Fees:

Schooling Fee $4o (paid directly to trainer)

Horse Care $30 per day


Trainer Travel Fee $25 per staff member-per day

(applies to shows where staff will require lodging away from home)

Set-Up/Tear-Down Fee $25

(This fee will increase to $50 if showing students fail to do their part or there is a lack in proper care for the equipment)

Horse Show Association Links

Visit each site to find their show fees.  Fees are often listed on entry forms.  Fees Include: Membership fees (for awards banquets), rental fees, class fees, etc.

United States Hunter Jumper Association


United States Equestrian Federation


MSC Shows


Classic Company- Jacksonville Equestrian Center


First Coast Hunter Jumper Association


Horse Shows in the Park


Run For the Ribbons


Southeast Medal Finals


Central Florida Hunter Jumper Association


Misty Morning Hounds


Fox Lea Farm

Tentative Show Dates


Subject to cancellation or date change by the associations. 

This is an incomplete list of shows/dates from shows within the state of Florida.  If there is a show in/out of state not listed that you wish to attend, let us know.

There are multiple conflicting dates, we will do our best to help you attend any show series you have interests in. 

Some of these shows are recognized (higher level) or out-of-town which increases costs significantly.

Your trainer will help identify which shows are the best match for you.

February 24th Hunter Pace Misty Morning Hounds

March 1st-2nd FCHJA Clay County

March 5th RFTR Cedar Lock Farm

March 15th-17th HSITP Silver Sands

March 30th MSC Florida Horse Park

April 3rd-7th Jax Spring Premiere JEC

April 5th-7th HSITP Grand Oaks

April 7th Hunter Pace Misty Morning Hounds

April 10th-14th Jax Spring Classic 2 JEC

April 13 & 14 H/J Open Schooling Fox Lea Farm

April 19th-21st HSITP Silver Sands

April 23rd RFTR Cedar Lock Farm

April 25th-28th Spring Concours 1 Fox Lea Farm

April 27th MSC Florida Horse Park

May 3rd-4th FCHJA Clay County

May 2nd-5th HSITP Grand Oaks

May 4 & 5 H/J Open Schooling Fox Lea Farm

May 5th Hunter Pace Misty Morning Hounds

May 9th - 12th CFHJA BTEC

May 16th-19th Spring Concours 2 Fox Lea Farm

May 18th MSC Florida Horse Park

May 21st RFTR Cedar Lock Farm

May 23rd-26th Spring Concours 3 Fox Lea Farm

May 30th-June 2nd Jax Spring Encore JEC

June 2 Hunter Pace Misty Morning Hounds

June 7th-8th FCHJA Clay County

June 8 & 9 H/J Open Schooling Fox Lea Farm

July 12th-14th HSITP Silver Sands

August 17 & 18 H/J Open Schooling Fox Lea Farm

August 30th-September 1st SEMF BTEC (Tampa)

September 13th-14th FCHJA Clay County

September 14 & 15 H/J Open Schooling Fox Lea Farm

September 19th-22nd Southeast Fall Festival 1 JEC

September 21st MSC Florida Horse Park

September 20th-22nd HSITP Silver Sands

September 20th-22nd SE Maclay Regionals Fall Classic BTEC

September 27th-29th CFHJA BTEC

October 24th-27th HSITP Grand Oaks

November 1st-2nd FCHJA Clay County

November 2nd & 3rd H/J Open Schooling Show Fox Lea Farm

November 8th-10th HSITP Silver Sands

November 7th-10th CFHJA BTEC

November 9th MSC Florida Horse Park

November 14th-17th HSITP Grand Oaks